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Duluth Girls Hockey

Duluth Girls Hockey is an all girls hockey program and is available to all girls in Duluth, U10 through U15.  Girls U8(Mite level) should register with their local rink. 

Throughout the season, the Duluth Girls Hockey program works with the local Duluth Rinks to schedule various practices, skills sessions and scrimmage events for all girls registered with Duluth Hockey at the local rinks and with Duluth Girls hockey Icebreakers.  All girls are encouraged to participate in these practices and events regardless of where they are registered to play in Duluth.


To provide an enjoyable and competitive all-girls youth hockey program that offers a high level of personal development, both on and off the ice, giving girls the skills, knowledge, self-confidence and appreciation of commitment to be successful in life's future endeavors.

The DGHA believes in developing hockey opportunities for all girls in our area.  Our success is derived from the hard work and commitment given by its players, volunteers and coaches.  While nurturing an atmosphere of fun and recreation, we also try to provide the opportunity for achievement and a higher level of play for those who desire it.  By participating in hockey, we believe that girls have an opportunity to become better stewards of their peers and society, while learning valuable lessons that they can apply later in life. 

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Congratulations to Grace Ridgewell, the 2021-2022 Icebreaker Scholarship winner. Grace started her hockey career at Duluth Heights, then played for Icebreakers for 2 years and for the Northern Stars for 2 more. She also spent two seasons as a coach for the Icebreakers with her dad. She will be attending UMD in the fall as a social work major.

Best of luck to Grace and all our graduating seniors! We are so proud of you!

Thank you to our 2022 tournament sponsors

Duluth Girls
Hockey Association

P.O. Box 16443
Duluth, MN

Post-Season Appearances

Third Place, Regional Playoffs (U15A) 2021

Second Place, District 11 Playoffs (10UB Red) 2020
Third Place, District 11 Playoffs (10UB Black) 2020

Third Place, MN State Tourney (12UA) 2019
Third Place, District 11 Playoffs (10UB) 2019
Participants, MN State Tourney 2008 • 2011 • 2012
Third Place, MN State Tourney 2006